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Stress management – how therapy can help.

Friday, May 23rd, 2014By Odelia CarmonStress Management0 comment

Stress management – how therapy can help.

Although stress is a normal part of life, it can disrupt the social and personal life of an individual and hamper one’s professional life. Stress also causes different physiological and psychological disorders in the body such as anxiety, chronic headaches, depression, withdrawal symptoms, nausea, phobias, blood pressure, heart impairments, and many more. While some people may avoid asking for help, everyone needs some assistance in managing stress at times. Therapy is a great way to help a stressed individual manage their stresses, tensions and resume their lives in a normal, stress-free way.

Therapy can feel strange at first. It is about helping you understand yourself and make sense of what you are really feeling, and take responsibility for your own thoughts and actions. A therapist will help to analyse the roots of the stress, understand fears, interact with individuals, and, treat the individual with stress management therapy techniques. By gaining an insight into the root or core of the problem, therapists help in either removing the stressful situation or cause, or assist the individual to explore ways to adapt to the stressful situation in a much more relaxed manner.

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